Gillian (iamtheocean) wrote,

"some people chant, some people smoke pot, some people bungee jump. what do you do to be happy?"
"nothing. i'm not."

school, eh, the usual. then tech afterwards, and sitting around. fixed as much as i could, then watched the show. its odd, let me tell you. anyways, afterwards i figured out some way to fix up the egg, then decided that i didn't really feel like walking home so i called dad again and said i would be late. sarah wood thought she could give me a ride home, but then she had class council so we had to wait about 25 minutes, so eh, whatever. i call mom because dad had told me to, so i did, and she's like "oh, yeah, by the way, do you know someone named molly? she called" and i was like...ok, how many phone calls per shift would she get? anyways, i went back and lay on the stage. beth comes over and says "be happy" and i told her i was, and she declared that i wasn't, stop being silly. am i really that easy to read? i expect that from anyone who knew me last year, but. but what? i dunno.

anyways, we both lay there on the stage and she slept and i tried to fix my leg. its like cramps, dull and almost non-existant for a long time, and then all of a sudden there's this splitting pain that it takes all of my self control to keep from doubling up at, and then 5 minutes later its gone, just as i think i can't take it anymore. and then tamar and jeanne came back and we all sat around, jeanne left and i talked to tamar. beth was of course still lying there, i have no idea how much she heard and/or how much sense she could make of it. anyways, i just sorta...i dunno. i can't really remember what i said, i remember saying something, i remember talking, but i can't really imagine what i was talking about, except that it was hospital related. anyways, sarah came back from her meeting and drove me home, and i got there and dad was pissed. started ranting at me about being late, and i calmly reminded him of his hypocrisy, noting that i imagined that i had some idea how he was feeling and that it wasn't a reason not to chastise me, but he shouldn't be angry until he at least tries to fix his own act up. to which he respnded by picking up the phone and making as if to throw it at me, then regaining control and screaming about how i should know not to bait him.

and then to mom's, molly called and it was wonderful because we bonded very much. and i really enjoy talking to her on the phone. and it was amusing. tuesday after vacation, ah yes. that was it! there's something about february. what is it about february that makes people want to kill themselves?

Psh. And then there was yesterday, which was boring in a low-key way, classes the usual et al. and then tech, and steve was picky, and i’m just glad I’m not an actor. And then I ended up staying until 7.15, but we never got around to the egg because steve got to that part of the show and then decided that ‘oh, we’ll do it tomorrow’, and I nearly cried. Went to via lago and got pesto pasta and orangina for dinner, that’s happiness for you right there. Had a lovely conversation with peter about hot actresses, was mildly scarred (“no that’s not what I’m doing! I’m just…vibrating”) OH AND TALK ABOUT BEING SCARRED. Bio, we’re talking about prezygotic barriers between inter-species reproduction, right? So she’s telling us about “mechanical” barriers. And rather then just saying that sexual mechanisms of different animals won’t necessarily work well together in a technical way, she starts talking about frogs and polar bears and how if you put them in a cage together nothing’s going to happen, etc. and as if that wasn’t bad enough, she says “I mean, I assume that none of you are intimately acquainted with the genitalia of frogs or polar bears, unless you’ve spent a little too much time at the zoo looking at things, but use your imagination.” In the same lecture, she also managed to say “sperm” 7 times in 30 seconds (totally coherently) which is probably some sort of a world record. In any case, much scarrage. Chloe and I were absolutely traumatized.
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