Gillian (iamtheocean) wrote,

we watched finding nemo

we being me and mother.

mother cried. at finding nemo. i haven't cried at a movie in months. i was...unnerved.

tomorrow: lunch with liora, ushering for LS savoyards at 1, then who knows? maybe i'll call people and make plans.
sunday: rehearsal. 2-8 at st. johns i believe. i might die. a little.

and then...back to school. gah. my life is poo-ish and weird. i have approximately 0 energy.

note to self: when making a 1-and-a-half batch of brownies, try to think about how much of the bowl ONE batch of brownie batter fills, and choose a bowl sized proportionatly.

on the other hand, i walked home in EIGHTEEN MINUTES, which is a grand record. except shin splints=PAIN

"i am ashamed"

best line in the whole movie.

discussing my love life with jocey. she is amused, and makes fun of me for being silly. well really she just makes fun of the lesbian drama. but it is tres amusant.
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