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and i can't see me loving nobody but you, for all my life....


i had forgotten about the joys of 7 hour rehearsals at st. johns. they're LONG. it's all th elittle people rehearsing. great fun, and the orchestra is surprisingly decent, but i want to either do something or go home.
low-lights of the day:
-paddy spending half an hour trying to get 112 6-11 year olds to pronounce 'kyrie eleison' properly
-a 4th grader in a dog mask puking all over the altar, and much of the sanctuary as well

highlights of the day:
-eating neon blue popsicles outisde in the 50 degree weather
-*kids are chaotic*
me: who decided to do this thing?
ginny: *sighs* george...
me: is he craz-
ginny: YES
-*george tries to sing over a 40 piece orchestra and is totally inaudible*
elizabeth(the stage manager): you really can't hear him at all
me: are they going to be mic-ed?
elizabeth: i don't think they've really figured that out yet
me: *cries because the show opens thursday*
elizabeth: sounding particularly convincing) maybe they have decided but just haven't told me!

on a totally unrelated note, my not-frostbite has gone away almost entirely, which makes me rather cheerful because it was itchy as all hell. also, starbucks makes a damn good vegan hotchocolate, as it turns out.


well, it wasn't The Day. so waiting for wednesday with great apprehension. ack.

cheeriness - got out of gym early and sat with beth and jeanne and their junior friends and felt rather loved and was joked with. also cheeriness because we had a GSA auction meeting afterschool that made me rather fuzzy. <3 paul. not short annoying one, big gay one. off to my 5.30-10 rehearsal, pray for my soul, please?

also its spring, and i managed to find THE muddiest path possible across the golfcourse on my lovely walk home.
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