Gillian (iamtheocean) wrote,

watching eddie izzard: dress to kill (borrowed from sarah)

FUNNY AS ALL HELL. (see? weirdo transvestite, executive transvestite!) english accents seem to go a long way in making a career in comedy. (transvestites are more like...male lesbians) but why am i here at 6.45 on a tuesday morning? because my life for the next few days rocks!

7-3: at school
4-4.45: at home
5.15-11.15: at NF (first church)
home just before midnight

7-4.30: at school
bus to alewife to harvard square
5.30-11.30: at NF (first church)
and the same thing tomorrow! except leaving at 6.30am to get to school for the review session

my life is being nice. thankyou.

except...has anyone else noticed that my life has suddenly been divided into shifts? 7-3, 3-11, 11-7 i keep waiting for the night staff...
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