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oh me oh my

i am singing a little song. it goes something like this:
gillian, you shouldn't procraaaaaastiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaaate
no no no
because if you do, you silly fool
you won't gooooooooo tooooooooooo DERT
and then you will cry...
cry cry cry
so do your sciiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeence project
and i am also eating soup with so much garlic in it that you all should be able to smell it.

and i got a letter from shahar today, and it made me happy.

and my father's girlfriend just called. and we had a conversation such as follows:
me: sorry, you just missed hime
dad's girlfriend: oh, is he out planting lawn signs?
me: yeah, he muttered something about campaigns and rigtheousness and went out the door waving his hands wildly and with his hair uncombed.
dad's girlfriend: oh.
me: try his cellphone. and ask him to pick up something with protein in it for dinner, please.
dad's girlfriend: oh. *long pause* um, is he alright? he seemed a little frazzled last time i talked to him.
me: oh, he's just fine. i'm pretty sure he's just happy.
dad's girlfriend: oh. *long pause* thanks.
me: no worries! bye!
dad's girlfriend: oh. *long pause* bye....
she is officially a whack job. in a nice sort of way. of course, dating my father would do that to anybody, so....
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