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ooooh....the library got new computers! except we have to like, um, sign on as ourselves, and stuff....WEIRD.

so mrs. vogel made us cupcakes with 5's on them for the AP tomorrow (she's so sweet!) and told us that if we didn't feel stupid, then we weren't challenging ourselves. well then. i guess it's true, sort of.

so dad spent the night at diane's because she's having surgery tomorrow, so i spent the night home alone. i guess it was kind of nice - the cat slept with me, for once, and i got up nice and early and made my own lunch and breakfast, and it was grand. did i mention that i discovered that dad has been hoarding a container of orange-chocolate chip from Ranc's in the freezer? mmmmm.....bad semi-vegan, bad semi-vegan.

but then i woke up in the morning and read the paper about the fucking asshole protesters at the memorial yesterday, and i just started crying (didn't help that i was listening to "let go") and then walking to school in the half-rain...but JJ cheered me up, and now everyone in the library is so confused about the new computers and and the OS (it's mac OS X) and so we're bonding. oh, the joys of technology....
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